Relationship is the foundation of what I do. Culture affects who we are. My definition of "culture" is broadly defined. It's not only about ethnicity, but your background, upbringing, values, beliefs, etc. I believe we have autonomy to make our choices. For many people, however, choices were stripped from them at a very early age. I do my best to help you regain a sense of who you are and take back the choices and will to move forward. I provide a safe and supportive environment for you to explore and work collaboratively with you to achieve solutions and inner peace.

After over a decade in my profession, I have gained clarity as to what I am passionate about. The answer is "relationship." I'm the co-author of your "relationship building" chapter. Here are the three types of relationships I can be of help to you:

1. Relationship with yourself

In my life, I've been helped and mentored by many good caring people. They helped me when I was discouraged and desperate. I want to pay it forward. I love working with graduate students, early career professionals, and those who are experiencing life transitions. So many have self-doubts, fear of failure, and dread for the future. Our work is to examine your relationship with yourself, your values, and your beliefs. You can learn something about yourself by looking back in the past and how you want to move forward in the future.

2. Relationship with your partner

Far too often, we focus on our careers, children, and other things. The last person we care about is our partner. Next thing you know, you drift apart and simply co-exist. You have no fascination and admiration you had in your eyes when you were first in the relationship. I'd like to help you rebuild that passion with your partner.

3. Relationship with other people

Without a positive relationship with yourself, it's extremely challenging to trust and maintain fostering relationship with others. Because we're hard-wired for social connection, it's essential to be in relationships. As we work on your relationship with yourself, you may start to have a desire to connect with others again.

My pronoun is She/Her/Hers. Please tell me yours.