First Appointment

Before the first visit, please review the documents on this page to learn about what you can expect. All documents will be available at the office. Please arrive 15-20 minutes before the appointment time to fill out these documents. If you want to save time and have access to a printer, however, you may wish to fill out the Client Information Form in advance and bring it to your first appointment. 

The Client Information Form is an important form that allows me to know a little bit about you and to help me complete the initial assessment.

An informed consent is an essential document detailing you rights, services provided, cancellation policies, etc. Reviewing the informed consent will give you an opportunity to think of questions you may have when you come to the appointment. In addition to an in-person therapy, I also offer telehealth to increase access to care. If you are interested in this service, please review the telehealth informed consent.

Notice of Privacy Practices  gives you information about how your information will be used, what data will not be released without your consent, what the exceptions are, etc. As a consumer, it is a great idea to review this information so there are no surprises.

Once we start working together and you would like me to exchange relevant information about your care with your other health care providers, please complete the authorization for release of mental health record, also known as a release of information or ROI, and give it to me in session or fax this form to me at (952) 222-4492

Again, thank you for your courage to take the first step toward healing. 

** Office hours are Tuesday through Friday, 9 AM - 4 PM.**