Fees & Methods of Payment

As a consumer of services, you have options of either utilizing your insurance coverage or paying out of pocket. Some people have concerns about privacy and elect not to use their insurance benefits. If you choose this option, the following are the rates for my services.

Self-Pay Rate
  • Initial diagnostic assessment session      $200/60-minute session
- For both therapy and testing, the first session is used to gather information, better understand your needs, and make treatment recommendations. We will also decide whether we would like to pursue our work together for therapy clients and to determine if testing is appropriate for testing clients.

  • Individual psychotherapy session            $175/55-minute session
                                                                                         $150/45-minute session
- After we agree to work together, we will discuss treatment goals and the frequency of the sessions. Typically, we will start off with a weekly meeting and reevaluate as we are making progress.

  • Psychological assessment                          $200/60-minute evaluation
- When we discuss on the phone if the assessment that you want is within the scope of my practice, I can give you an estimate of how many hours we may need for an evaluation. Depending on the type of assessment, it may range from an hour to six hours.

Methods of Payment: 
  • Cash
  • Check 
  • Debit/ credit card (Visa, Master, Discover, and American Express)
  • Health Savings Account